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It has been an eventful and busy few months for the MonstroCities team. We have learned a lot from our community and are making some big changes! If you are new and want to learn more about what we are building, please check out our website.

For those of you who have been with us for a while now, read on to learn the latest updates on MonstroCities.

What have we been up over the last few months?

✅ Built the MonstroCities community based on the 4 factions in our lore

✅ Acquired a 6x6 plot in the Sandbox Game as an official partner

✅ Completed the Spiritus Capital and have broken ground on Aquatica

✅ Released companions (mounts) for each species (one mint per monster)

✅ Created 3D voxel avatars for every monster to be playable in the MMO

Official Trailer of our Sandbox MMO game

What’s next: Avatar Re-Launch as Voxels

On October 15th at 8:00PM EST, we will be pausing the MonstroCities contract. It will remain paused until October 31st at 1:00PM EST, when the contract will re-open for sales.

What will happen in the meantime and what is the purpose of this pause?

  1. We will be updating the metadata of all monsters minted prior to October 15th as “Genesis”. The Genesis monsters will benefit from gameplay boosts and other advantages throughout the MonstroCities ecosystem.
  2. We will be changing the underlying metadata of ALL monsters to be more game focused. We will be changing every tokens’ metadata to render as voxel assets. The NFT image displayed on OpenSea’s preview will be the normal 2D monster. However, when you go into the details of each NFT, it will display the 3D fully animated voxel character. Each NFT will give access to a secure link to download both the 2D and 3D assets.
Monster #791: 2D version and 3D voxel version

Voxel Details and Impact to Rarity

The 3D view is exactly how you can anticipate your character to look in-game. You may notice that monsters have fewer attributes than their 2D counterparts. This is because some of those attributes just weren’t particularly impactful when transitioning to 3D.

With this in mind, base stats for characters will be assigned based on 2D asset rarity according to monster rarity on

Examples of monsters as 3D Voxels

Every monster will have attributes: Power, Defense, Speed, Magic, and Luck. Each species will start with a boost in a given attribute:

  • Terra: Defense
  • Ignis: Power
  • Aquatica: Magic
  • Spiritus: Speed
Example of new Metadata in addition to normal base traits

Additional boosts to attributes will be based on the rarity score of the monster. You might also find that certain traits come with bonuses of their own!

The anticipated outcome is that rarity will not change, though with less than 3,000 minted at the time of this article, rarity is still absolutely unknown. You can still mint monsters for .07 ETH on our website.

How the MonstroCities OpenSea interface will look like

Opportunities to Win!

We will be (and already have been) purchasing a significant portion of the floor to promote our re-launch!

Why purchase the floor?

During the 7 day waiting period, there will be plenty of opportunities to win monsters from our wallet and FREE mints! We expect to maintain around ~100 monsters in our dev wallet as our “war chest” before the re-launch on October 31st.

These monsters and free mints will be won via contests & raffles that will be announced on Discord and Twitter. Example contests include art, meme, invite contests and more!

Join our Discord community here!

Does this impact current milestones once the contract reopens?

  • The first 3,000 mints will still earn a legendary sword.
  • There will NO LONGER be a free monster for every 5 purchased.
  • We will STILL do a 1 ETH raffle to four people (.25 each) for every 1,000 monsters sold.
Gameplay footage of the golden sword within The Sandbox

Please head over to our website to see how these changes affect our sales milestones.

We hope you are excited as we are for our relaunch — this is just one of many updates coming for MonstroCities over the next few weeks so we’ll be back again!




The MonstroCities is the first true social avatar metaverse game. A collection of four elemental civilizations of 2,000 unique NFTs per each species