MonstroCities Launch Announcement

4 min readJul 5, 2021


The MonstroCities team has been hard at work preparing for launch, and we are proud to announce an official launch date of July 11 at 2:00 PM EST!

If you are new to our community, please be sure to read on for more information on the project and our future plans. If you are busy, here is the TLDR:

  • 8,000 Monsters for .07 ETH (changed from .09) each available on July 11 at 2:00PM EST via MetaMask or MetaMask Mobile
  • Monsters are ERC-721 tokens with metadata stored on IPFS

Owning a monster gives you:

  • An awesome avatar with verified ownership
  • A character to use in the MonstroCities game
  • Ownership of your monster’s IP
  • A vote in the MonsterDAO, which controls game funds and game decisions

What is the MonstroCities?

Map of the MonstroCities World

The MonstroCities is the first true social avatar metaverse game. MonstroCities is a collection of 8,000 unique NFTs consisting of four elemental monster civilizations living on the Ethereum blockchain. Every monster is programmatically generated from a pool of roughly 400 accessories (100 per civilization) to ensure they are all completely unique.

Each monster will be a character in the MonstroCities metaverse game. While we have developed an initial game concept, the MonsterDAO will ultimately determine how the game progresses.

At its core, MonstroCities will be a series of community competitions between each of the four species. There will be a metaverse game built on The Sandbox once Sandbox allows construction of such a game. Until then, web and Discord based games will be held frequently to determine who the strongest civilization is before the game even begins!

What are the sale details?

Each Monster is an ERC-721 token whose metadata and image are stored on IPFS. This token will also be your character in the MonstroCities game and your vote on the MonsterDAO. Owning a monster gives you complete control of that character’s IP and partial ownership of game IP via the MonsterDAO.

Each token will be available here for a price of .07 ETH each beginning at 2:00PM on Sunday, July 11. You will need a MetaMask wallet to connect to the site and mint your monster. You can mint via web or MetaMask Mobile.

What are the sale milestones?

Throughout our main sale, you can expect the following at key milestones:

  • 1 ETH giveaway for every 1,000 monsters sold (8 ETH total). We will randomly pick a token ID within the 1k tiers and airdrop 1 ETH to the winner!
  • 25%: DAO voting procedures established on Snapshot
  • 50%: Begin preparation for the release of the Monster-merch Line
  • 75%: 5% of sales donated to an environmentally focused organization determined by the MonsterDAO once it is initiated
  • 100%: Acquire Sandbox parcel and build the four MonstroCities for in-game communities and competitive games + initiate the MonsterDAO with 15% of minting funds

How does the DAO work?

The DAO will serve as the key funding mechanism and beneficiary of all future MonstroCities expansions and game development. The DAO will own the game IP and its use. Whether we decide to grow the game via breeding, or introduce new characters to the MonstroCities lore, all work will be decided and funded by the DAO. As such, profits from these expansions will benefit the DAO.

Each ERC-721 monster represents one vote in MonsterDAO. This means up to 8,000 people will own MonstroCities and decide the future of the game. We will do what we can post-launch to facilitate as many unique wallets as possible and ensure no single group can dominate decision-making for the DAO.

Once our project is launched, we will set up a space on for proposals and voting. This will ensure all votes are counted and no manipulation or outside interactions can take place. We will initially drop the DAO funds into a multi-sig wallet. After the initial sale insanity has calmed, we will take steps to ensure the DAO funds are appropriately tied to proposal approvals.

We look forward to seeing the community come together on July 11th and we expect the minting experience to be a smooth process that will be enjoyable for everyone. Please join the Discord here if you have any further questions about the launch or the project as a whole.


The MonstroCities Team




The MonstroCities is the first true social avatar metaverse game. A collection of four elemental civilizations of 2,000 unique NFTs per each species